USMCFSA Scholarship Program


1.  Purpose.  The U S. Marine Corps Food Service Associations Colonel Willis R. “Bill” Lucius, Scholarship and the Rosalie Bonner Ritenour Memorial Scholarship were established to honor these exceptional individuals by providing educational assistance and opportunities to dependent children and grandchildren of Association members who meet the eligibility requirements established herein. Each application will be considered for both awards. 

2.  Eligibility.  Any dependent child or grandchild of a member in good standing of the U S Marine Corps Food Service Association may apply for consideration.  Applicants must meet requisite qualifications for entering the college, vocational or technical school of their choice and must be a current year high school graduate or be currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning, vocational or technical school.

3. Application Period.  Beginning January 1, 2003 and each subsequent year , students may request applications from Association Headquarters or download the application from the Associations website.  Applications must be received no later than April 30 each year. Applications postmarked after April 30 or that fail to provide all information requested will not be considered. Applications received become the property of the Association and will not be returned. The following fully completed forms and information must be submitted with each application for Scholarship:

a. Personal Information – Form 10110.1–FSA, page 2.

b. Educational Information – Form 10110.1–FSA, page 3.

c. Work Experience & Supporting Documents–Form 10110.1–FSA , page 4.

d. Applicant Liability Release – Form 10110.1 – FSA, page 5.

e. Enrollment Verification – Form 10110.1 – FSA,, page 6.
f. One 2”x 3” Student Photo

4.  Criteria for Selection: The following Point System will be used for selecting the most qualified and deserving applicants.

a. Scholastic Achievement / Grade Point Average. Maximum Points = 40

          GPA 4.0 = 40 Points                

          GPA 3.5 = 35 Points

          GPA 3.0 = 30 Points

          GPA 2.5 = 25 Points

b. Extracurricular Activities ………………………Maximum Points = 15

          Student Government = 5 Points

          Community Related Services = 5 Points

          Other (including work experience) = 5 Points

c. Essay, 300 Words…………………………………Maximum Points = 10

          Submit 300 word essay on “What America Means to Me”.

          Evaluated on form, content and clarity.

d. Student Counselor/Instructor Reports…………Maximum Points = 10

          Counselor’s Report = 5 Points

          Instructor’s Report = 5 Points

e. Financial Need……………………………………Maximum Points = 25

          Based on Financial data submitted by applicant.

5. Notification. Candidates will be notified at the earliest possible date as to the decision of the Scholarship Committee.  However distribution of funds will be withheld pending independent verification of each winner’s enrollment for the Fall Semester.

6. Funding. Grants awarded each year will be funded by the US Marine Corps Food Service Association as recommended by the Scholarship Committee, based on the availability of funds as approved for this purpose by the Board of Directors.  The number of grants and the dollar amount of each award submitted to the Board of Directors by the Scholarship Committee for approval will be based on availability of funds as determined by the Board of Directors.

7. Availability of Applications.  Applications may be downloaded from this site between January 1 and April 30, of each year.  Questions concerning the Scholarship program should be addressed to

8. Contributions. The US Marine Corps Food Service Association is a non profit tax exempt veterans organization operated solely by volunteer members of the Association and is dependent on the generosity of our members, nonmembers, corporate and other organizations for operating funds and support of our Scholarship Programs.  Those interested in establishing an Annual or Sustained Memorial or Honorary Scholarship in recognition of the contributions of an individual Marine Corps Food Service Professional or a Family member or those who may wish to make a tax deductible contribution to the Association  are requested to contact the for further  information and assistance.